Credit Repair Leads

Our credit repair leads are available for either live transfer, real-time email delivery or cherry pick from our enormous database. These consumers possess all indicated that they want to get help enhancing their credit score.

Our exclusive leads are utilized by firms and experts around the globe as a means of talking with potential customers who indicated they are interested in credit repair services. This assists organization attain a more efficient closing rate and also maintain a high ROI.

A lot of companies who provide these facilities offer different plans. It is up to the sales representatives to give accurate information and also provide a legitimate service while working together with potential customers. This will keep the client happy and also establishes a strong reputation for the organization.

How are the leads obtained?

We publish pay-per -click and social media ads via the internet that catches the attention of consumers who are in need of credit repair help to our lead generation websites. If perhaps the user signifies they possess poor or fair credit our questionnaire asks “Do you need help enhancing your credit rating? If perhaps the reply is yes the lead is chosen as a credit repair lead.

Buy Live Transfer Leads

We render outbound phone calls to prospects that have earlier requested help to build up their credit score. We contact them with a live operator, verify their interest, and then we send them to live with you. Call us for more info and current pricing.

There are various kinds of credit repair leads for sale. All our leads are 100% exclusive, and we never resell our leads to other buyers. Exclusive leads offer an increased a probability of closing a sale as a result of no competition.