8 Effective Lead Generation Tips for Car Dealership

As a car dealer, the biggest objective next to selling cars is to collect high-quality leads, and this can be quite challenging. There are some different ways for reaching out for quality leads. However, a challenge that exists for lead generation for a car dealership is that there is no clear defined, or direct path to reach every single consumer in the market. In this case, some methods for lead generation for car dealership have high success rates and others do not. The automotive folks who are dominant in the automotive market today are quite generous with their marketing tactics and lead generation. This write-up summarizes unique tips for lead generation for car dealership

tips on lead generation for car dealers

1. Run an all-inclusive PPC campaign

Driving a specific targeted traffic to your website is a useful technique for a car dealership. Pay per Click campaign can be achieved by use of Facebook ads, Google ads, Twitter, and other social platforms to advertise your business. It is good to make sure that your marketing team has a professional copywriter so as to get the best from your ROI (Returns on Investments) advertisement.


2. Improve on your referral program

The best leads that you will ever get are referrals this has never changed and never will. It is important for every car dealership to invest time and energy in developing a referral program that works. Referrals can be increased by giving more renewed offers and incentives to your customers; this will give each customer a reason to send offer a referral.


3. Incorporate conversion architecture on your website

So, what’s the need of driving traffic to your site if you do not have means of converting them to leads? It is recommended that each page of the site should have an easy way to contact the car dealership, respond to promotions, fill out web forms and receive some follow ups from the salespeople. Just make it easy and straightforward for prospects to get in touch.


4. Build a mobile responsive website

Lead generation for car dealership all starts with a perfect and responsive website. It is an express highway where all the important prospects will “drive through” before contacting the salesperson. With the rapid development of smartphone technology, more people use mobile phones to access the internet. You do not have to have a website that can be accessed via smartphones, tablets and even computers.


5. Make an investment in a dealership-centric CRM tool

This tool gives the salespeople the capability to follow up with the leads and stay updated with their daily workflows. The CRMs tool is specially designed or car dealerships and provides features tailored for those sales processes. The CRMs also provide a central point of communication for both managers and salespeople so they can follow up, assign and connect with every lead.


6. Send direct mailers with a strong incentive

Brochures, leaflets, print letters with substantial offers work perfectly well. If you the knowledge in designing print material, this works perfectly as well and there is a high probability of getting good returns on investments. The print materials should stand out for themselves, incorporate some attractive photos and well-written content with a call to action that will make the reader want to respond quickly. Again on the website, the call to action should be easily noticed. In short, they need to be placed on a section of the page that does not require scrolling to get to it.


7. Respond to consumers as fast as possible

Speedy responses are the key to retaining and keeping the attention of your prospective customers. The success of car dealership highly depends on this factor. No customer would want to get his/her query responded not even later than a week.


8. Keep website updated

According to research, customers are always researching new information about vehicles every week (on Mondays and Tuesdays). Keeping site updated ensures that a consumer who repeatedly visits your site finds new information and most probably what he/she is searching. Apart from website updating, the dealers should ensure that their social platforms are updated as well to reflect info regarding; trade in offers, event sales, new and used inventory and any other relevant information useful to the dealership consumers.



The above are few of the tips that car dealership can effectively utilize for effective lead generation. These techniques have proven to work efficiently even than the conventional advertising methods. If you are looking for the lead generation provider then you can contact us here.